the meeting place for the Jeffcock 'clan'

Andrew & Annie JeffcockWelcome to Jeffcock.Net. This site is for the use of those of you either named Jeffcock by birth or marriage or related to those with the Jeffcock surname wherever you are in the world.

We have provided a text-only geneology message board service for registered members to swap information about themselves, their relatives, ancestors and to arrange meetings between other members of the Jeffcock 'clan'.

Please use the site to research your past, find relatives and make new friends.

Have fun and we hope that this site is useful for you.


Andrew & Annie Jeffcock

For your own protection DO NOT POST your phone number or address on this site!

If you wish people to contact you, do it via e-mail.

Message Board Rules

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  • This site is for researching Jeffcocks and their relatives by birth or marriage.
  • As this site may contain information on people who are living, this site is membership only and requires you to register to both read and to post messages. The membership system also helps prevent data-mining by search engines and 'bots' which may breach the Data Protection Act.
  • Registration for the message board is currently free but we reserve the right to charge at a future date if the running costs become excessive.
  • The Jeffcock.Net message board is open to all ages and as such ALL material posted must be suitable for viewing by children. Any unsuitable material will be removed if brought to our attention and the offender banned. In the event of a ban ALL postings by that person will be deleted.
  • Any attempt to use this site for the 'grooming' of children by paedophiles will result in the matter being brought to the attention of the relevant law enforcement agencies who will receive our full cooperation.
  • NO COMMERCIALS, SPAM OR ADVERTISING IS PERMITTED. Anyone misuing the membership list for advertising will be banned. Anyone extracting membership details may possibly be prosecuted under Data Protection legislation.
  • We reserve the right, without having to give any reason, to bar any member we feel is abusing the message board by inconsiderate, illegal, obscene or inflamatory postings, or postings of a sexual nature. Our decision will be final.
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